Our customers are the best and we are honored that they took the time to sing our praise! We appreciate every one of our customers and we look forward to providing the same level of care and quality service to you.

David & I want to express our gratitude to you & Early Bird Home Services for the timely & most effective response to our handyman needs. We were so pleasantly surprised to see you arrive promptly & then were so gratified by the professional attitude & follow thru of Dylan. He showed up on time, ready to work and gave us a beautiful completion upon several projects in our home. We are so grateful to Dylan & will recommend Early Bird to all our neighbors here in Chesapeake Station.

David & Clare O’Shea  – Solomons, MD

My family relocated from Maryland across the country to Washington leaving two wonderful homes behind.  Michael managed both properties for us.  Michael’s skill, professionalism and commitment transformed one of our homes from lack luster to a show ready competitive rental in less than a month.  Michael’s team worked long hours resulting in a quick turnaround on the rental market with absolutely wonderful tenants!  The tenants loved the home so much they made a great offer to buy.  Michael also helped us sell our second home during the winter when the real estate market was bust.  There was a long list of items that needed to be repaired, updated and replaced and Early Bird Home Services was there to solve all our problems.  Working with Michael is a pleasure.  He is a service oriented professional that cares about every little detail.  Our investments with Michael paid off in rental income and a home sale.  Thanks Michael.

J. Collins Conover  – Richland, WA

I recently met Michael Freeburger with Early Bird Home Services, LLC at a networking event. I immediately thought he was the nicest guy and very trustworthy. Shortly after we met, I asked him if he would be willing to install some kitchen hardware for me to give my kitchen a more updated look. When he arrived to do the job I also reeled him in to install a bathroom mirror and lighting. Although it was a last minute thing he did not bulk about the additional work. He did an awesome job. I would highly recommend him. It’s hard to find good, honest people these days and glad I found him.

Wendy L. – Huntingtown, MD

I contracted Early Bird Home Services, LLC for many months while my husband and I were still living in Lusby, MD. During that period Michael Freeburger was instrumental in maintaining the exterior of our home in excellent condition, assisting in preparing our home for a sale listing, and then helping with any and every aspect of packing and moving to another state.

In every respect, Michael exceeded my highest expectations — and I am a stickler for detail and having projects done well and on time. I only wish Michael lived close to our new residence so we could continue benefiting from his services. That is indeed the highest compliment I can bestow.

Specifically, these are Michael’s strongest attributes in my opinion:

1) First and foremost, Michael exceeded my highest expectations for integrity. Trustworthiness is even more important to me than good value skilled work — although it’s great when I can get both. We gave Michael access to our home and I was able to rely on the accuracy of all of his project completion reports as well as his detailed billings. He never disappointed me in the trust I placed in him to execute projects with the same care and integrity I would have personally applied. Many times he worked independently on his own when we were not on site.

2) The range of knowledge, skills, and flexibility Michael demonstrated on my home projects was extraordinary. He was as skilled in landscaping projects as he was at a multitude of deep cleaning/repair projects inside and outside our house (e.g. cleaning windows, gazebos, furniture, garage interior, attic, fences, and decks as well as repairing wall nail holes, touch-up painting, sealing outdoor benches, planting new grass and plants, etc. etc.) And when it came time to move I discovered Michael is the best packer I have ever had! We have moved a dozen times and have used some of the best corporate relocation packers/movers available. Our quick timing demands for this move made Michael completely indispensable. Everything he packed — including fine china, glasses, small artwork — arrived in perfect condition. I should add that Michael was equally quick to let me know when he did not have sufficient knowledge to execute a project. He never took on more than he was capable of doing in an excellent manner.

3) Michael has a superior ability to adjust project time according to individual preferences. I am a strong believer that sometimes perfection can be the enemy of the good. Other times I really do want to come as close to perfection for a project that has particular importance to me. Michael was able to listen carefully when I made those distinctions — and executed according to my direction regarding time investment — rather than whatever his own preconceptions might have dictated. In other words, Michael demonstrated strong agility in delivering results within the time frames I prescribed in advance for individual assignments. And when you pay someone on an hourly basis — that matters a lot!

I could say many other fine things about Early Bird Home Services including that I often felt Michael was more of a project partner than part of a hired service. He helped me meet so many deadlines during one of the busiest periods in our life, and I have told him on more than one occasion that I don’t know how I could have made it all happen without him. Michael Freeburger is one of the most responsible and trustworthy individuals with whom I have had the honor of working with.

M. Punnett – Lusby, MD (former resident)

Michael Freeburger has worked for my husband and I for three years, helping us with our yard work. As we are in our eighties, it is increasingly difficult for us to do the necessary things to keep our garden beds, shrubs and trees looking their best, and Mike has stepped in to help as needed. He has weeded, planted, pruned and mulched with great efficiency. One very special thing about Mike is his work ethic. When he agrees to a job he stays with it until it is done right. We find Michael to be knowledgeable, trustworthy and most agreeable to work with.

B. Seeman – Avenue, MD

We entrusted Michael with the upkeep of our home while it was on the market for five months as we have moved to the Southwest. He has gone over and above for us, not only with the weekly upkeep of house and yard, but also putting in many hours and much hard work on fixing damage done to our property by hurricane Irene. We have no hesitation in recommending him for any job he says he can handle. He is a true handy man!

Mary Ann and Joseph Antoun – Phoenix, AZ

Michael Freeburger was recommended to us for help in preparing a relative’s home for their return from an extended hospital stay. Since we live 1.5 hours away, we needed someone trustworthy in the local area who could work independently both inside and outside of the home. Michael was the perfect solution. He not only accomplished an incredible and impressive amount of work on his own, but he also provided trustworthy local recommendations and security oversight for the various outside contractors that needed access to the home during times that we could not be there. Michael is smart, creative, industrious, and extremely trustworthy. Just as he came highly recommended to us, we very sincerely and enthusiastically would recommend him to others.

Mike & Debi Whitaker

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